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Winter Storm Update #4

The City of Aurora’s fleet of 34 plow trucks has been working non-stop to complete snow and ice clearing procedures citywide since yesterday afternoon.  Initial rounds of clearing primary and residential routes were completed yesterday and throughout the night.

All primary routes were plowed and salted again by 7:30 a.m. this morning.  Approximately 20% of residential streets were cleaned again by 10:00 a.m. when trucks returned to primary routes due to snow accumulation.

Reports from the National Weather Service indicate that the snow, which is moderate to heavy at times, will continue through the afternoon before weakening in intensity this evening after about 7-8 p.m.  There could be a brief lull in activity this evening before lake enhanced snows develop late tonight/overnight and continue through the day tomorrow.

That National Weather Service also reports that snow accumulations of 2-4 inches are likely by midnight tonight with an additional 1-3 inches overnight and on Thursday - making for total storm totals of 3-7 inches.

Complete clean-up efforts shall continue until the completion of this snow event.

The City of Aurora is asking for cooperation to help keep everyone safe by:

  *   Exercising extreme caution IF you must drive during this time.
  *   Abiding by the Snow Parking Ban and do not park on public streets when there is more than 2 inches of snow.  This will provide the necessary opportunity for City of Aurora plows to clear the streets thoroughly.
  *   Remembering that the City is responsible for over 1,000 miles of roadways.  Our goal is to clear all streets within 14 hours after the snow stops falling. Heavier snowfalls often take longer.
  *   Sharing this information with your family and friends.

Any pertinent updates will be provided on the City’s website at<> and on the City’s Facebook (<>) and Twitter (<>) pages.

We want to have a safe and secure time as we enter into a new year.

Location: Aurora, IL

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Release Date—January 1st, 2014