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CODE RED MESSAGE: Sunday, January 5, 2014

This is Mayor Tom Weisner with a weather and snow-plowing update.

As you know, snow has been falling almost continuously for the last 28 to 30 hours.  While City of Aurora snow-plowing crews, along with private contractors, are constantly plowing major Aurora streets and have plowed all residential streets at least once, continuing snowfall and drifting caused by high winds quickly minimize those efforts.

City teams will plow residential areas once again, overnight, but high winds and drifting snow will make driving conditions hazardous through tonight and most of tomorrow. Temperatures near 15 degrees below zero, overnight and tomorrow morning, will make general conditions quite dangerous. Stay home, if possible.

All Aurora Public Schools will be closed on Monday. 

Most private or parochial schools will also be closed, including:

  • Aurora Christian School
  • Marmion Academy
  • Aurora Central Catholic
  • Rosary High School

Also,  garbage pick-up for Aurora residents will be one day later than usual.

Location: Aurora, IL

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Release Date—January 5th, 2014