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Aurora Major Crime Continues at Record Low

Reported major crime in the City continued at a record low pace last year, led by double digit decreases in five of eight categories according to 2010’s final crime statistics released by Aurora Police.

Overall, major crime dropped 11 percent compared to 2009. The 4,432 major crimes reported last year were less than the 4,843 reported in 1978, the first year detailed statistics were kept by the Aurora Police.

Aurora’s long-term crime trends show equally impressive declines, especially when considering the substantial rise in population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Aurora’s population has nearly doubled since 1990, rising from 99,581 to 197,899. Aurora’s adjusted crime rate per 100,000 population shows that overall major crime has fallen 13.47 percent in the past year, 31.81 percent in five years, 46.84 percent in 10 years and 67.09 percent over a 20-year period.

“Working together with a world-class police force, our community has overcome great adversity,” Mayor Tom Weisner said. “Achieving a 32-year low in crime is a tremendous accomplishment, especially considering that our population has more than doubled during that time. Gone are the days when people could point to Aurora and claim we were an unsafe community – that’s simply not true today. These statistics continue to prove that chapter of our story is behind us.”

Major crimes, known more commonly as “Part One Index Crimes,” include the violent crime categories of murder, criminal sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault/battery; and the property crime categories of burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft and arson.

Compared to 2009, violent crime is down 13.98 percent, and property crime down 10.49 percent. Murders were down 20 percent last year, while robberies were down 18.12 percent. Aggravated assaults/batteries decreased 14.69 percent, thefts were down 14.15 percent and motor vehicle theft declined 29.23 percent.

“The continued drop in major crime in Aurora is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the officers and support staff of the Aurora Police Department, as well as the cooperation between the department, other law enforcement agencies, other City employees, our citizen groups and our residents,” Police Chief Greg Thomas said. “While we focus on impacting crime even further, I think it’s important to celebrate the reduction in crime that Aurora continues to realize, and to take pride in the strides Aurora has made.”

The crime statistics are known as Uniform Crime Report Numbers (UCRs) and are submitted to the Illinois State Police, the FBI and other agencies for official crime reporting purposes. The only three categories showing increases last year were criminal sexual assaults, which went up by 1.59 percent; burglaries, which increased by 8.61 percent; and arson, which went up by 47.62 percent.

Other numbers released today by Aurora Police showed a dramatic drop of 19.4 percent in shots fired and 2 percent fewer vehicle crashes in 2010. The decrease in shots fired to 75 was the lowest number in the City since Aurora Police began tracking the statistic in 1996 when 357 shots fired were reported. Traffic crashes declined from 4,980 to 4,842.

“Today when I walk downtown or stop in at one of our restaurants, I not only see plenty of locals but also a sea of new faces,” Mayor Weisner said. “Thanks to the great strides our community has made, people from all over the region are coming back to Aurora for great shopping, food, entertainment and cultural activities. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished together and know the best of Aurora is yet to come.”

Location: Aurora, Illinois


Release Date—March 7th, 2011