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City Wants Input On Basement Flooding Survey

During the past several years, the City of Aurora has completed many improvements to the sewer system to minimize basement backups and flooding. Now officials are seeking feedback from residents to gauge the effectiveness of previous construction projects and to help determine future work priorities.

A City survey, which has 11 questions and should only take a few minutes to complete, is being offered online in English at and in Spanish at

Residents experiencing a sewage backup in their basement should call the City prior to contacting a plumber.

If the basement backup is caused by a blockage in the City’s sewer main, the Water and Sewer Division will fix the problem, and the resident will save money by not having to hire a plumber. If the City’s sewer line is functioning properly, the resident will be notified the problem is within the private sewer service line that runs from the home to the sewer main.

Residents experiencing a basement sewage backup can call the City’s Customer Service Center at 630-256-INFO or the City’s Water and Sewer Division at 630-256-3710.

Location: Aurora, Illinois

Contact: Customer Service, (630) 256-4636


Release Date—May 16th, 2011