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Development Services Team

The mission of the City of Aurora’s Development Services Team (DST) is to streamline the development process, create a convenient one-stop shop for all customers’ development transactions, and develop a predictable time frame using a transparent process with EGov Services online inquiry software.

Illustration of Development Process

Who is a Part of DST?

Aurora's Development Services Team is comprised of representatives from Planning & Zoning, Engineering/Public Works and Building & Permits. View staff for contact information.

How does DST Work?

One-third of every week is reserved for 1 hour long development related meetings regarding proposals headed into the Planning Council process.

Pre-application meetings are scheduled to answer development related questions and inform customers of our processes. During these meetings we record all questions, requirements and processes in a document that is printed for the customer. We also provide copies of aerial photos, topography maps, as well as applicable forms and handouts for all pertinent development processes. In addition, we indicate the appropriate forms and submittal documents required to make a submittal.

We also require submittal meetings to accept completed submittals into the following week’s Planning Council agenda. During the submittal meeting we verify that submittals are complete and answer any additional process and timeframe questions. Once submittal is accepted, customers will have the ability to log onto the EGov Services (Planning & Zoning) application on the City website and see progress and anticipated review dates on all development related processes. A project number is required to log in.

Benefits of DST

Handling the above evaluations with just four of our technical staff members has freed up the remaining staff for more review time and has increased the completeness and accuracy of the submittals under their review.

Since the inception of the Development Services, Planning Council times have been nearly cut in half, improving our review efficiency and saving the developer consultant's fees as well.

How Do I Schedule a Meeting?

All meetings with DST and all development related submittals now at the Planning and Zoning offices located at 1 S. Broadway, 2nd Floor.

Download a DST Meeting Request Form and email it to or fax it to (630) 256-3089.

Upon receipt of the DST Meeting Request Form, the Planning and Zoning office will call to schedule a DST meeting during the regularly scheduled DST times. Generally meetings are scheduled for the week following receipt of the request.

If you do not hear from us right away you can call to schedule a meeting. The Planning and Zoning Office is open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. (630) 256-3080.

For further information, please visit the Current Meeting Schedule and the Development Services Team Procedures and Forms pages.

The entire Development Services Team is excited to empower Aurora's developers with the most powerful development oversight tool in the region.