Sandra Sarmiento

Youth Services
Title: Youth Court Coordinator
Phone: 630-256-3403
Sandra Sarmiento photo

Sandra is a licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She believes her life journey is to be an advocate for children. Sandra works with the Aurora Youth Court Peer Jury Program and Social Justice is one of her passions.  Sandra believes in providing supports and teaching the skills youth could benefit from, to become positive, productive world citizens She has worked in social services, adolescent psychiatry, police social work, private practice, education and community services. Sandra’s first passion is being a mom to two amazing kids.  She feels compassion and consistency are free, and they work whether it’s with her two kids or anyone else’s kids.  Sandra also works as a Social Emotional Learning Facilitator in East Aurora School District.  Sandra enjoys, the outdoors warm or cold, learning about a music, food, and art from all different cultures.  Sandra has worked with the Aurora Youth Court program for the past 4 years. 

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