Building and Permits


77 S Broadway
1st Floor
Aurora, IL 60505



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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Development Services , For Contractor Licensing General Email Inbox 630-256-3130  
Building & Permits, For Permits General Email Inbox 630-256-3130  
Building & Permits, For Permit Revisions General Email Inbox 630-256-3130  
Bergstrom, Ron Electric Inspector 630-256-3135  
Cyr, Justin Building Inspector 630-256-3146  
Elsenbroek, Jason Electric Inspector 630-256-3159  
Faxon, Derrick Plumbing Inspector 630-256-3145  
Kolar, Jesse CCO HVAC Inspector 630-256-3147  
Lake, Cody CCO/Combination Inspector 630-256-3151  
Olson, Rick Plumbing Inspector 630-256-3136  
Seaberg, Scott Building Inspector 630-256-3149  
Zimmerman, Eric CCO/ Combination Inspector 630-256-3134  
Seggebruch, Dan Senior Plan Examiner 630-256-3158  
Kacmarcik, Joyce Plan Examiner 630-256-3142  
Ream, Kevin Plan Examiner 630-256-3156  
Beneke, Herman Director Development Services 630-256-3132  
Ream, Joshua Director Building and Permits 630-256-3133  
O'Brien, April Development Services Supervisor 630-256-3138  
Cotts, Jasmine Development Services Management Assistant 630-256-3777  
Hernandez, Stephany Customer Service Representative 630-256-3141  
Lizalde, Carina Customer Service Representative 630-256-3154  
Millan, Mayra Customer Service Representative 630-256-3143  
Obordo, Christina Customer Service Representative 630-256-3787  
Payan, Ashley Customer Service Representative 630-256-3814  
Pracht, Rebecca Customer Service Representative 630-256-3788  
Propernick, Michael Customer Service Representative 630-256-3140