Official website for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Mayor Robert J. O'Connor


Where is the office of the Aurora Emergency Management Agency?

The Aurora Emergency Management Agency is located at 1200 East Indian Trail in Aurora Illinois 60506.

How do I contact the Aurora Emergency Management Office?

Phone: 630-256-5801 or 630-256-5800
Fax: 630-256-5809
Twitter: @Aurora_il_ema

Do not call the Aurora Emergency Management Agency with Emergency request. Call 911 to report emergencies to receive assistance for police, fire, and medical issues.

What can I find on the Aurora EMA Twitter site?

Up to date information about emergency management responses, weather information, situation updates about incidents in our city, road closures and traffic information, classes and training opportunities. The Aurora EMA also follows the City of Aurora, Aurora police, Illinois Department of Transportation, FEMA, Centers of Disease Control and the National Weather Service that also provide important information.

In addition, as a follower you will be able to post on our site questions, photographs of weather and storm damage, reports of damage from storms, power outages along with other items you feel are important.

How does the Aurora Outdoor Warning Siren System operate?

The city of Aurora has 18 sirens installed to warn residents of possible tornadoes, extreme severe weather, major emergencies, or the possibility of an attack on the United States that would affect the Aurora region.

When are the sirens tested?

The sirens are tested the first Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. If test are required after maintenance there will be notification to the local news agencies, cities Facebook and Twitter accounts and the Aurora Emergency Management Twitter Account.
If there is a severe weather threat on a schedule test day the test will be canceled and local media will be notified of the cancellation.

Sirens will not be tested if the outside temperature is 32 degrees or colder.

Why do I not always hear the Outdoor Warning Sirens indoors when they are activated?

Outdoor Warning sirens are meant to alert residents when they are outside away from television, radio, and weather alert radios. They are not intended to notify residents that are in their homes or businesses.

The warning sirens are sounding, what should I do?

Do not call the Aurora Police Department dispatch center, Emergency Management Agency or County Police. If there is threatening weather take cover indoors on the lowest level of your home in an inner room. Tune in to your local television station, radio station, Emergency Weather Radio, or Aurora’s Emergency Advisory Radio Station 1650 AM for information.

Will the warning system be used to sound the all clear when the threat has passed?

No, the warning siren will not be sounded when the threat has passed.