Official website for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Mayor Robert J. O'Connor

Standard Specifications for Improvements

Table of Contents

Section I. General Conditions

  1. Plan and Stormwater Submittal
  2. Plan Review Fees and Inspection Fees
  3. Monuments and Markers

Section II. Streets

  1. General Conditions
  2. Pavement
    1. Pavement Standards
    2. Typical Cross Sections
  3. Drainage Fabric
  4. Sidewalks
  5. Drive Approaches
  6. Guardrail
  7. Traffic Regulatory Signs and Striping
  8. Street Name Signs
  9. Traffic Studies
  10. Traffic Signal Hardware
  11. Street Lighting
    1. General
    2. Installation for Local and Minor Collector Streets
    3. Installation for Arterial and Major Collector Streets
  12. Inquiries regarding street trees, please reference the City of Aurora Approved Street Tree Species table.
  13. Temporary Turn Arounds
  14. Street Cuts
  15. Half Streets

Section III. Utilities

  1. Storm Sewer
    1. Specifications and Design Requirements
    2. Frame and Grates
    3. Sump Pumps
  2. Sanitary Sewer
    1. General
    2. Sanitary Sewer Pipe Material
    3. Sanitary Sewer Testing
  3. Water Supply
    1. General
    2. Watermain
    3. Fittings
    4. Brass Wedges
    5. Valves
    6. Valve Boxes
    7. Valve Vaults
    8. Pipe Restraint
    9. Fire Hydrants
    10. Taps and Pressure Connections
      1. Water Services
    11. Pressure Connections
  4. Granular Trench Backfill
  5. Manholes, Catch Basins, and Inlets
  6. Final Adjustments

Section IV. Storm Water Management

  1. General
  2. Release Rate
  3. Detention Requirements
  4. Wet Bottom Detention Design
  5. Dry Bottom Detention Design
  6. Drainage and Stormwater Management Report Submittal

Section V. Grading

  1. Retaining Wall

Section VI. Standards for Individual Lot Improvement and Inspection

  1. Prerequisites for Building Permits for Lots without a Master Grading Plan.
  2. Occupancy Permits

Appendix A Exhibits

Section II. Streets
Section Exhibit
Local Residential Street Section Exhibit II-B-1
Minor Collector Street Section Exhibit II-B-2
Major Collector Street Section Exhibit II-B-3
Arterial Street Section Exhibit II-B-4
Typical Cross Section and Utility Location Exhibit II-B-5
Eccentric Cul-De-Sac Exhibit II-B-6
Concentric Cul-De-Sac Exhibit II-B-7
Temporary Patch Detail Exhibit II-C-1
Minor Collector and Local Residential Patch Detail Exhibit II-C-2
Arterial and Major Collector Patch Detail Exhibit II-C-3
Concrete Curb and Gutter Exhibit II-C-4
Curb and Gutter Notes Exhibit II-C-5
Curb Ramp Detail Exhibit II-C-6
Residential Drive Approach Exhibit II-C-7
Curb Connection Detail Exhibit II-C-8
Residential Street Light Detail Exhibit II-C-10
Expansion Joint Exhibit II-C-12
Right-In/Right-Out Driveway Exhibit II-C-13
Street Sign Requirements Exhibit II-H-1
Section III. Utilities
Section Exhibit
Sewer Trench Detail Exhibit III-A-1
Sump Pump Connection Exhibit III-A-2
Storm Manhole Type A Exhibit III-A-3
Catch Basin Exhibit III-A-4
Inlet Exhibit III-A-5
Water Main Trench Section Exhibit III-C-1
Sanitary and Water Service Separation Exhibit III-C-2
Thrust Blocking Exhibit III-C-3
Valve Vault Exhibit III-C-4
Typical Valve Box Exhibit III-C-5
Typical Water Service Tap Exhibit III-C-6
Hydrant Installation Exhibit III-C-7
Watermain Lowering Exhibit-III-C-8
Watermain Restraint Length Table Exhibit III-C-9
Watermain Restraint Detail Exhibit III-C-10
Pressure Connection Detail Exhibit III-C-11
Section IV. Stormwater Management
Section Exhibit
100 year Detention Volume- Modified Rational Method Exhibit IV-1
Typical Detention Basin Section Exhibit IV-C-2
Concrete Overflow Exhibit IV-C-3
Restrictor Catch Basin Exhibit IV-C-4
Typical Setback Dimensions between Detention Facility and ROW Exhibit IV-C-5