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1. What are the times for curfew and what are the penalties?
2. Who do I contact regarding how to become a Police Officer?
3. When is the next testing date to become a Police Officer?
4. What are the rules for parking on the street during snow removal?
5. How do I get a temporary handicap placard?
6. Where do I obtain an accident report for insurance claims, and what is the cost?
7. Are there any Crime Free Housing Program training classes available?
8. How do I report graffiti that has been painted on my home or property?
9. Is there someone who can help us with the proper installation of a child/infant safety seat?
10. How do my neighbors and I start up a Community Group on our block?
11. Who do I contact regarding a parking ticket?
12. What if I have a question on, or miss, a court date?
13. What is the City of Aurora’s Noise Ordinance?
14. What are the laws concerning loud noise from vehicles?