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1. I have an Aurora mailing address but I am outside of the corporate limits. Do I qualify for a rebate?
2. I applied last year, do I need to apply each subsequent year?
3. My bills are extremely high. Can I apply for more than the standard rebate?
4. I’m not sure if I should apply for the standard rebate or if I would be eligible for more than the standard amount. How do I know which type of rebate to apply for?
5. I did not save last year’s utility bills. Can I still apply for the rebate?
6. My home is all electric. Can I apply for just that portion of the rebate?
7. My name does not appear on my utility bill but I am the secondary joint holder of the utility accounts for my home. Can I apply for the rebate?
8. My rebate application always gets delayed. What am I doing wrong?