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1. Is there a fee for registering my rental property?
2. When does my rental license renew?
3. I just paid for my license a few months ago. Why am I receiving a renewal so soon?
4. How often are rental properties inspected?
5. Do I have to attend landlord training every time I purchase or register a new rental property?
6. I no longer own my rental property. Why did I receive a renewal form?
7. I am renting my property to a family member. Do I still need to register it? What about background checks?
8. Am I required to run background checks on my tenants each year?
9. Criminal backgrounds contain sensitive information. Am I required to show them to the inspector?
10. How will I know when my rental property will be inspected?
11. What happens if I miss an inspection?
12. How do I reschedule an inspection if I am unable to attend the time on the appointment letter?
13. What happens if I do not pass my initial inspection?
14. How do I evict a tenant?