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1. How do I apply for a permit?
2. What are the requirements?
3. How far in advance of the event date do I need to register?
4. How long will my permit be valid?
5. How do I schedule my food truck inspections?
6. How much is a permit?
7. What are my payment options?
8. What hours can I operate?
9. Where can I operate once I have a permit?
10. Can I leave my truck overnight?
11. Can I operate from a gas station or vacant lot?
12. I have a pushcart/food stand. Can I get a permit?
13. What do I need to do if I want to participate in another event?
14. I am only participating at the Farmers Markets. What do I need?
15. I am only participating at RiverEdge Park events. What do I need?
16. I am a catering food for an event on private property. Do I need to register?
17. I only sell baked goods. Do I need a permit?
18. I only sell smoothies that are prepared on the truck. Do I need a permit?
19. I have an ice cream truck. Do I need a permit?
20. I sell prepackaged food that is prepared from a commissary, not within the truck. Do I need a permit?
21. Am I allowed to sell alcohol?
22. Can I set up a tent/outdoor seating?
23. Can I play amplified music from my truck?
24. I have a food permit through a different county. Do I still need a permit from Aurora?
25. I’ve been told I’m within 100 ft of another restaurant and need to do a variance. What do I need to do?
26. What if I do not pass my fire inspection? Can I still participate?
27. Is there a list of permitted food trucks on the City’s website?