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The Procurement Credit Card

The procurement credit card is valid only to conduct business on behalf of the City of Aurora. The card is issued primarily to City of Aurora administrative staff for use in lieu of a purchase order for the purchase of small-dollar, repetitive purchases, and for phone, fax or online purchases. Such purchases might involve materials, supplies, equipment, shipping, as well as costs for travel or training. 

The purpose of the Procurement Card Program is to streamline and simplify the City of Aurora requisitioning, procurement and payment process. The program is designed to shorten the approval process and reduce the paperwork of procurement procedures such as purchase orders, petty cash, check requests and expense reimbursements.

The card is not transferable and may be used only by the employee whose name is embossed on the card.  The card is not to be used to purchase items not required for city business.

A credit limit and  a single transaction limit is placed on the card, which means the card will be declined if the cardholder attempts to purchase more than this set amount at one time. A purchase may not be split to avoid the single transaction limit.

The Procurement Card Program also allows for Merchant Category blocking. If the cardholder attempts to use the card with a prohibited merchant, the purchase will be declined.