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Lock Box Installation

The following will be the policy of the Aurora Fire Department for the installation of ALL Lock Boxes.

  1. The lock box must be installed at the main entrance of all occupancies. At any large building having more than one principal entry, additional lock boxes may be required.
  2. The lock box shall be installed at a height of 6 feet to 7 feet above the adjoining grade level.
  3. The Fire Prevention Bureau shall be notified as soon as the installation of the lock box is completed. An engine company will be dispatched to lock the appropriate building keys in the lock box. All keys must be properly labeled.
  4. The Fire Prevention Bureau shall be notified when a change in door hardware requires updating of building keys.

To purchase your lockbox, use the order form from Kidde.

Kidde Lockbox Request Form

All purchased lockboxes must be registered by using this form and submitting it to Fire Prevention.

Fire Alarm User & Lockbox Registration Form

If you have any questions concerning a lock box or its installation, please contact our office at (630) 256-4130.

Caution! Do not overtighten mounting bolts. Due to the large size of the Lock Box it is important to mount the Lock Box on a smooth flat surface. When tightening the bolts, draw them snug but do not over tighten as it may cause the box to warp. When warping occurs, the Lock Box may not close properly.