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System Testing Requirements

In accordance with adopted codes and ordinances for the City of Aurora, Fire Protection systems shall be inspected, tested and maintained per the following, which is contained in the International Fire Code/2009 (IFC/2009).

901.6 Inspection, testing and maintenance

Fire detection, alarm, and extinguishing systems shall be maintained in an operative condition at all times, and shall be replaced or repaired where defective. Nonrequired fire protection systems and equipment shall be inspected, tested and maintained or removed.

901.6.1 Standards

Fire protection systems shall be inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with the referenced standards listed in Table 901.6.1.

Table 901.6.1: Fire Protection System Maintenance Standards
System Standard
Portable Fire Extinguishers NFPA 10
Carbon dioxide fire-extinguishing system NFPA 12
Halon 1301 fire-extinguishing systems NFPA 12A
Dry-chemical extinguishing systems NFPA 17
Wet-chemical extinguishing systems NFPA 17A
Water-based fire protection systems NFPA 25
Fire alarm systems NFPA 72
Water-mist systems NFPA 750
Clean-agent extinguishing systems NFPA 2001

901.6.2 Records

Records of all system inspections, tests, and maintenance required by the referenced standards shall be maintained on the premises for a minimum of 3 years and made available to the fire code official upon request.

This office requires that a copy of the Annual Inspection/Test be submitted to this office every year, except for Hood Suppression, which is semi-annual. If a fire alarm is present, a Fire Alarm User Registration/Emergency Contact form shall also be submitted. All submittals can be delivered to: Aurora Fire Prevention Bureau, 5 E. Downer Place, Suite G Aurora, IL 60507.