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The Planning Stage

The following information will make you aware of what the Fire Prevention Bureau will be looking for in the early planning stages of your development.

Provide a descriptive summary of what the business is and what it does. This will aid us in determining if additional requirements maybe needed so they may be implemented during the development of your site.

Fire Hydrants

  • Provide site plan with all existing and/or proposed hydrants within 500' of building.
  • Minimum of 2 hydrants shall be located so no portion of the building will be over 300' from a hydrant by access route.
  • Hydrants shall be at least 50' from building and located 5' from an all-weather access roadway.
  • Hydrants to be on looped water mains, MINIMUM OF 6".
  • Hydrants to have no obstructions within 5'. If subject to vehicle damage, hydrant to be protected by minimum of 4" diameter steel posts filled with cement.

Fire Department Access

  • Permanent roadway base or an all-weather access road required to within 50' of foundation during construction.
  • Access route to allow fire engine to be located so all interior points of building can be reached with 150' of hose.
  • Dead-end access routes more than 150' in length shall have a turnaround of 90' diameter or other approved outlet.
  • Access route to be minimum of 20' wide, all-weather roadway.
  • Provide enclosure of sprinkler riser area and exterior access to riser room.
  • Fire Department connection (4" STORZ) to be within 10' of pavement, facing street of address.

Permit Applications

Separate Plans and Fire Permits Applications required for:

  • Temporary construction tanks (propane, gas, and diesel)
  • Fireworks
  • Bonfires
  • Open Burning
  • Hazardous Materials Storage

Hazardous Materials

A Hazardous Materials Disclosure statement needs to be completed for the intended occupant to determine if additional requirements will be needed.