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Required Inspections and Tests

Fire permit applications and plans are to be submitted and reviewed prior to starting installation of any system. The following inspections and/or witnessing of tests are required to be conducted by the Fire Prevention Bureau. Call (630) 256-4130 for appointment two (2) business days in advance.

Suppression Systems

  • Underground fire protection line installation prior to backfilling.
  • Underground fire protection line flushing per NFPA #13 prior to any other inspections for sprinkler system.
  • Hydrostatic tests (prior to installation of ceiling).
  • Fire pumps Final acceptance test.

Exhaust Hood, Computer Rooms

  • Piping.
  • Final acceptance test.

Fire Alarm System

  • Rough, wiring (prior to installation of drywall or/and ceiling).
  • Final acceptance test after submitting completed installers certificate of completion test (including tie-in to approved station).


  • Above ceiling inspection.
  • Construction final (after finalizing of fire permits).