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Fireworks Permits

Fireworks in the City of Aurora will fall into three different categories; Indoor Displays, Outdoor Displays (which include Consumer and Pyrotechnics) and Sale of Non Fireworks. The following handouts provide detailed requirements for each type of permit. Please note that all permits require an application to be submitted at least 15 days in advance of the event.

Indoor Special Effects and Flame Effect Displays

This permit is for the use of pyrotechnics within a building. The building has to meet certain requirements before this type of display can be conducted.

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Outdoor Displays

Consumer Displays

For a homeowner who would like to conduct his own display; there are special requirements for training and setbacks.

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Pyrotechnics Displays

Must be conducted by a State licensed distributor and operator.

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Sale of Non Consumer Fireworks

In order to sell non-consumer fireworks a specific type of permit is required. No other fireworks may be sold in the City of Aurora.

Per the Aurora Zoning Ordinance, vacant properties are not approved locations for the sale of Non Fireworks and will not be allowed.

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Check the appropriate handout for information on the type of permit that applies to your situation. Should you have any question or need an application please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at (630) 256-4130 or email at