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Requirements for the Sale of Novelty Pyrotechnics

Submit to the Fire Prevention Bureau permit application with the following information:

  • Bond of $100,000
  • List of non-fireworks to be sold (consumer fireworks not approved for sale at any time)
  • Name and phone number of supplier
  • Site plan showing location of sales unit and distance to vehicle parking, street, side walk, lot line, and buildings (See Requirements for Tents Below)
  • Floor Plan showing aisles, tables, exits, fire extinguishers
  • Source of electricity

Zoning regulations do not allow sales on vacant property.

If Tent/Canopy include: Separate Building Permit is required (no exceptions)

  • Clear 12 foot wide fire break on all sides (no guy ropes or stakes)
  • Flame retardant certification
  • Location and width of Exit(s)
  • Main entry 72” wide
  • Remote 2nd Exit 36” wide with Exit sign
  • If electrical lighting, emergency lights and exit signs with battery backup maybe required in accordance with IFC/2009 Chapter 10

On Site inspection may include:

  • Minimum of one 2.5 gal Class A water-type fire extinguisher with current service tag
  • “No Smoking” signs posted
  • Verifying records of purchase and transportation
  • Labeling of bulk packages and individual sales units

Only after approval will the operational permit be issued. Sales are not approved until permit is issued and posted on site.

Code References:

  • International Fire Code (IFC) 2009
  • Code of Federal Register (CFR) Titles 49 and 16
  • 425ILCS 35 Fireworks Use Act

Only those products that do not meet the consumer fireworks definition will be eligible for sale as listed below:

Snakes, glow worm pellets, smoke devices, trick noisemakers, party poppers, bobby traps, snappers, trick matches, cigarette loads and auto burglar alarms, caps  with  less than .25 grams or less of explosive mixture, and toy pistol paper or plastic caps with less than .20 grams of explosive mixture.

Call (630) 256-4130 for application.