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General & Ward Maps

General Maps



Ward Maps


2017 Zoning Map Book 12.93 Mb Comprehensive Ward Map 1.27 Mb
2017 Street Guide 8.81 Mb Ward One 582 Kb
Circuit Court District 788 Kb Ward Two 148 Kb
City Limits 1.18 Mb Ward Three 252 Kb
Comprehensive Plan 800 Kb Ward Four 205 Kb
County Boards 804 Kb Ward Five 268 Kb
Fire Stations 331 Kb Ward Six 200 Kb
Fire Engine Areas 1.04 Mb Ward Seven 203 Kb
Garbage Pickup (effective 7/1/2012) 1.35 Mb Ward Eight 292 Kb
Police Areas 1.6 Mb Ward Nine 451 Kb
School Districts 139 Kb Ward Ten 406 Kb
Subdivisions 1.2 Mb    
TIF Districts 482 Kb    
Townships 135 Kb    
Truck Routes 1.5 Mb    
Zip Codes 1.25 Mb    
Neighborhood Group Maps

Neighborhood Group Comprehensive Maps



Neighborhood Group Maps


Neighborhood Groups (11x17) 1MB 1. Big Woods Marmion 335 Kb
Neighborhood Groups (24x36) 2MB 2. Community Support Team 246 Kb
    3. Making a Difference (MAD) 226 Kb
    4. Restore the Neighborhood 220 Kb
    5. North East Neighbors (NEN) 334 Kb
    6. Pigeon Hill Neighbors (PHN) 247 Kb
    7. Blackhawk Neighbors 188 Kb
    8. Taking Back Our Community (TBOC) 181 Kb
    9. West Aurora Concerned Citizens 259 Kb
    10. Boulevard District Neighbors 214 Kb
    11. Tomcat 4th Ward 254 Kb
    12. West Park Neighbors 178 Kb
    13. Invested Neighbors 193 Kb
    14. Georgetown Relief Efforts Neighborhood Organization (GRENO) 260 Kb
    15. Southwest Neighbors 237 Kb
    16. Northwest Territory 195 Kb
    17. We Are United 227 Kb
    18. Washington Neighbors 232 Kb
    19. United Neighbors 214 Kb
    20. Lights Of Sacred Heart 216 Kb