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Buying and Selling Historic Aurora Properties

Great things are happening in Aurora’s historic neighborhoods! From new street lighting to upgrades in historic McCarty Park, now is a great time to consider a historic Aurora home.

  • Older neighborhoods offer a strong sense of community!
  • Historic homes offer features many new homes don’t. So many of Aurora’s older homes have stained glass windows, wood floors, pocket doors, open stairways, and truly awe- inspiring details!
  • Buying historic is buying green! The greenest buildings are the ones that already exist. Remember historic windows and doors can be just as energy efficient as new windows if they are well maintained.
  • Aurora’s historic districts are all within walking distance of downtown Aurora and Aurora’s Metra station and all are a short drive to I-88.
  • Imagine the possibilities! There is great potential to be unlocked in Aurora’s historic neighborhoods. If you are considering purchasing a historic Aurora home please contact Planning and Zoning at (630) 256-3080. They can help you plan your home’s exterior restoration.

The Dollars and Sense of Historic Preservation in Aurora, IL

  • The Aurora Preservation Commission has a matching grant program which can assist you in the restoration of the exterior of your home.
  • Designated historic properties are eligible for the state of Illinois Tax Assessment Freeze program.
  • Many first time homebuyers are eligible for the Assist Program, a down payment assistance program. Please contact the City of Aurora Neighborhood Redevelopment Division for more information, (630) 256-3320.
  • If you plan to buy a “fixer upper” you may want to consider financing your restoration through a HUD 203 K Mortgage. ( If you are interested in learning how other owners of historic Aurora properties utilized this program please call Planning and Zoning at (630) 256-3080.
  • Many of the larger historic homes in Aurora were converted to apartments during the housing shortage after WWII. In an effort to return these properties back to their original glory the city of Aurora offers a Reconversion Incentive Program. For more information please contact City of Aurora Neighborhood Redevelopment Division for more information, (630) 256-3320.

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