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Historic Windows

Historic Window Restoration

historic windows, before


historic windows, after


historic windows, with weatherstripping

With Weatherstripping

Retaining historic windows is widely discussed lately, especially in light of energy efficiency and sustainability. We are therefore dedicating a page on our website to share ongoing research and other related information that addresses this issue.

The following website from the State of California shares studies and research on the value of repairing and retrofitting historic windows and misconceptions about new windows. It includes third party studies that demonstrate that repaired windows have equal value to replacement windows in point rating energy systems, with less impact to the environment than new windows. Links provided in this site also address the improved aesthetics of maintaining original windows - the depth and thickness of frames and sills, the width and visual weight of sash components, the quality old growth materials, the color and the pattern of light reflecting off the glass, all of which complement and elaborate the architectural style, texture and age of a building.

The next site is from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and features a presentation on the embodied energy of historic building materials entitled “Reduce + Reuse = Green Preservation”.

Historic windows cannot be replicated today in terms of their quality, old growth wood and secure mortise and tenon joinery. They have lasted over 100 years, and if properly maintain, will last 100s of years more. No new window can make such claims.

Windows, from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Weatherization guide for older & historic buildings

Flickr photos of historic windows