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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions that the Human Resources Department receives. Check back here often for new questions and answers.

Do I need to complete a separate application for each job I want to apply for?
Yes, a new application is required for each employment opportunity.
Do you accept faxed applications?
No, however, we do accept faxed resumes in order to establish intent to apply. It is your responsibility to follow up with an original signed employment application.
Can I submit a resume instead of filling in the employment history on the application?
No, generally the resume does not address all of the information requested on the application.
How soon will I find out my status once I have applied?
All applicants selected for a personal interview will be contacted by phone. All other applicants will receive notification through the mail. This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.
Can I fill out an application for any position?
No, applications are only accepted when a position is open.
Why wasn't I contacted for an interview?
Applicants whose experience and training are most closely suited to the needs of the City of Aurora may be selected for further testing/interviews. Criteria will be based on job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Where am I on the Civil Service eligibility list that I tested for?
Applicants that have tested for a particular Civil Service position must contact the Civil Service Commission at (630) 256-3450 to obtain their current place on the eligibility list.