Official website for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Mayor Robert J. O'Connor

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

The City of Aurora exists to provide municipal services through efficient, effective, and progressive governance allowing individuals, families, and businesses the opportunity to thrive in a friendly, safe, and dynamic environment. By maintaining trust, respect, and accountability in its day-to-day operations, the city will build on its strengths and creativity.

Mission Statement

Over the next one to three years, the City of Aurora will:

  • advance the safety and security of all segments of our community,
  • measurably improve the delivery of public services and make a strong commitment to increasing levels of customer service,
  • retain and attract quality businesses and commerce segments to support our local economy,
  • upgrade our public facilities to better serve the needs of the community,
  • focus on revitalizing our established neighborhoods while continuing downtown development,
  • establish measurable performance indicators and communicate progress to the public,
  • build our community image and engender a fuller public appreciation of the city’s value, and
  • increase the overall satisfaction of our residents, consistent with our vision of the future.