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Neighborhood Standards

Department of Neighborhood Standards Offices

Neighborhood identity is shaped largely by the character, maintenance and standards within a community. In Aurora, we care about our community and hope you do too. Learn more here about what you can do to maintain and enhance your home or rental property.

Typical City of Aurora Streetscape

The Department is empowered with the authority to address many significant code violations. However, at the same time, issues that seem small to some can have a great impact on the daily lives of many residents. The small details may get overlooked in other cities, but we at the Neighborhood Standards Department are here to field all concerns. Examples of the array of enforcement issues we address are: vacant lots overgrown with weeds, littered vacant lots, graffiti, inoperable vehicles on private property, parking meter violations, no or insufficient heat at residential rental properties, dangerous living conditions, curbside recycling, property maintenance, dead animals in the right-of-way, animal control ordinances, rental licensing registration and inspection, proper storage and disposal of junk and trash and the proper placement of smoke detectors at residential rental properties.

For more information about the many services we provide, please explore the entries that are contained within our portion of this website.