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Fact Sheet - Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Common Name

Arctic Fox

Scientific Name

Alopex lagopus


  • Arctic Foxes live in Alaska, northern Canada and around the Arctic Circle in tundra and coastal areas.
  • Arctic Foxes are predators and scavengers, preying upon sea birds, eggs and marine invertebrates, along with seal carcasses and lemmings.
  • The fur color of the Arctic Fox has two phases: blue (summer) and white or light gray (winter), and they molt twice a year.
  • The pads of the Arctic Foxes’ feet are densely covered with fur enabling it to walk on snow and ice easily to look for prey and food.
  • Arctic Foxes burrow into the snow or ground for protection from the cold. These “dens” extend from 6-12 feet underground.
  • Arctic Foxes weight between 6-10 pounds.
  • Arctic Foxes do not hibernate and can withstand temperatures to minus 50 degrees celsius.
  • Arctic Foxes seldom live beyond 10 years.