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Fact Sheet - Llama


Common Name


Scientific Name

Llama glama


  • Llamas are members of the Camel family.
  • Llamas are domesticated animals and have never been wild.
  • In South America, Llamas are used as pack animals, for the production of fibers (from their fur) for rugs and rope, as a meat source and even their dung is used for a heat source.
  • In the United States, llamas are used for fiber production, show and as guard animals.
  • Llamas are considered ruminants, however they only have a three compartment stomach versus the four for true ruminants.
  • Llamas have two toed feet, with a toe nail sticking out of each end of the toe. They walk on leathery pads on their feet, which give them excellent traction.
  • Llamas (like camels) will spit when angered or disturbed.