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Phillips Park Zoociety


Who are we?

The Phillips Park Zoociety is a group of citizens who have enjoyed spending time with their families at the zoo and wish to help support the animals and their habitats at the Phillips Park Zoo.

We are currently in need of others who enjoy the zoo and would like to become active members or serve on our board. Monthly meetings are being held at the new Educational Center (one more exciting endeavor sponsored by our group in Phillips Park Zoo). Special events and activities are co-sponsored throughout the year by Phillips Park Zoociety. For more information call (630) 978-4774.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of the zoological exhibits found in the Phillips Park Zoo.

As a support group for the zoo, the members organize membership drives, fundraisers, and activities at the zoo. All funds raised go back into the zoo to help improve habitats, purchase new animals and educate the community about the zoo. The zoo is a wonderful way for a family to spend time together right here in Aurora. It is also an untapped resource for schools and groups to use to educate about the importance of animals in our world. Our group hopes to help improve the zoo in all aspects.

We Need Your Help!

Help us build an amazing future for the Phillips Park Zoo! Animal Sponsorships available for $50. Zoociety Annual Memberships available for $25.

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