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Aurora Neighborhood Planning Initiative

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The City of Aurora is pleased to initiate one of the first comprehensive neighborhood planning efforts in the region. The Aurora Neighborhood Planning Initiative is a comprehensive neighborhood planning effort to help residents and other stakeholders shape the way their neighborhoods will grow and change over the next 20 years and beyond.

In 2000, a coalition of neighborhood organizations from across the city, urged City Council to take a proactive stance in working with older, established neighborhoods to identify common problems and potential solutions. Very quickly it was evident that while there were commonalities, each neighborhood had its own character, its own unique set of issues, and perhaps its own set of priorities for improving its quality of life. As a result, the group formulated a number of recommendations which included sponsoring two neighborhood-oriented programs.

Aurora Neighborhood Council

The first program would allow ongoing City-neighborhood dialogue to address a variety of issues. The implementation of this recommendation was the formation of the Aurora Neighborhood Council, a type of “one-stop shop” for neighborhoods to access City services. The Council is made up of neighborhood plan representatives, At-Large members and City staff representatives.

Aurora Neighborhood Planning Initiative

The second recommended program was based on the acknowledgment that each of Aurora’s neighborhoods has its own character, its own unique set of issues, and, perhaps, its own priorities for improving its quality of life. As such, the NRT proposed a process for ensuring long-term, detailed, neighborhood-by-neighborhood planning. The goal of this proposal was to assure that the distinct needs of various neighborhoods are addressed and that revitalization is an ongoing joint effort of both residents and City government. The Aurora Neighborhood Planning Initiative was started to provide a forum for neighborhoods to collaborate with the City in addressing neighborhood issues through long-range planning.

For more information on the Aurora Neighborhood Planning Initiative, please download the Neighborhood Planning Initiative Handbook or contact the City’s Planning Division.

Neighborhood Planning Groups
ANPI Neighborhoods Map
ANPI Neighborhoods Map (7x7)
Neighborhood Plans
Group Name Final Action Plan
Bardwell Bardwell Neighborhood Action Plan [9.9 Mb]
Big Woods/Marmion Big Woods/Marmion Neighborhood Action Plan [14.2 Mb]
Light of the Community Light of the Community Neighborhood Plan [4.6 Mb]
McCarty Burlington McCarty Burlington Neighborhood Action Plan [4.7 Mb]
Near West Galena Near West Galena Neighborhood Action Plan [7.2 Mb]
South East Villages South East Villages Action Plan [12.8 Mb]
University Neighbors University Neighbors Neighborhood Action Plan [12.8 Mb]
Blackberry Countryside*  
Edgelawn Randall*  
Eola Yards*  
Far East*  
Far Southeast*  
Fox Valley*  
Indian Creek*  
North River*  
Pidgeon Hill*  
South End*  
South Farnsworth*  

* Neighborhoods with asterisks do not have neighborhood plans and their listed names are suggested.