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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the zoning of my property?
To find out the zoning of your property please visit MyPlace.
I have a question on a particular property or development
To request information on a property such as what uses are allowed, where a particular use may be permitted, what are properties setbacks, or any other questions you may have click here for a Land Use Inquiry Form to submit your request.
Are the Development Services’ related codes and ordinances available online?
Yes, please use the following links: building code, zoning ordinance, sign ordinance, subdivision control ordinance, Historic District and Landmark Guidelines, FoxWalk Overlay District Guidelines, stormwater control ordinance and land cash ordinance.

FAQs are divided into Residential Information and Business/Developer Information

Resident Information

How can I get my Home Owners Association information?
The City of Aurora does not maintain or keep on file Homeowner's Associations documents. The Official Documents should be on file at your County Recorder's Office. Contact information for the County Recorder's offices is available here. The current officers of the Association should be on file with the Illinois Secretary of State's Office, you will need to know the legal name of the Association from the documents you can get from the County Recorder's Office.
Can I park a commercial vehicle or RV in a residential area?

No commercial vehicles above a “B” plate classification nor equipment are permitted to be parked/stored in a residential area. This will also include any tow trucks, panel trucks, dump trucks and all commercial equipment. Only 1 commercial vehicle with a “B” plate classification is allowed per residence.

Parking of one (1) recreational vehicle for each zoning lot may take place in interior side or rear yards provided that the vehicle is set back six (6) feet from all adjoining residential structures. Recreational vehicles include trailers, boats and pop up-campers. These types of vehicles must be located in a proper setback area.

Do I need a permit for a Fence?  Do I need a permit for a Driveway?
A permit is required for fences and driveways. Please contact Buildings and Permits for further information.
What do I need to do if I want to have a garage sale?

No permit is required. Garage sales/yard sales may be conducted no more than 2 times per year.

  • Each garage sale may last no longer than 3 consecutive days.
  • No signs nor merchandise may be displayed on public property between sidewalk and curb.
  • Pennants, banners, balloons, or similar attention-getting devices are not allowed.
What are the requirements for a Home Occupation?
One (1) outside employee (a person who does not reside at the home) is permitted to be employed in a permitted home occupation; No retail sales; No use of a detached building such as a garage or shed; No business signs may be displayed; Only normal residential traffic. See Section 7.3-2 of the Aurora Zoning Ordinance for the complete Home Occupation Regulations.
How many local historic districts does Aurora have?

Aurora has four locally designated historic districts map:

  • Near Eastside Historic District - designated 1981
  • Riddle Highlands Historic District - designated 1989
  • Tanner Historic District - designated 1998
  • Palace Street Historic District - designated 1999
How many national register historic districts does Aurora have?

Aurora has three National Register Districts map:

  • Stolp Island Historic District
  • LaSalle Street Auto Row Historic District
  • Westside Historic District
What is a national register historic district?

The National Register is a listing of historic properties from around the country. The National Register seeks to bring attention to important cultural resources from around the country. The Register includes both district and individual site listings. For more information visit the National Register website.

Properties listed individually or deemed to be contributing to a National Register district, may be eligible for Federal tax provisions. A 20 percent investment tax credit is eligible for National Register that do rehabilitation work. This rehabilitative tax incentive is available to commercial, industrial, and rental residential buildings.

How do national register historic districts differ from local historic districts?
Locally designated historic districts (Aurora has four) and landmarks are not necessarily listed on the National Register as well. In general, properties listed on the National Register but not designated under Aurora's Preservation Ordinance, do not require the same level of design review that locally designated properties must comply with.
Do I live in a historic district or is my building a landmark structure?
You can find your property by using the following maps, Local Historic Districts, Landmark Structures, or National Historic or by visiting the Address List of Designated Properties. If you are unsure whether or not the property in question is in a historic district or locally landmarked, please call the Planning & Zoning Office: (630) 256-3080.
I live in a local historic district, and/or a landmark structure what types of work require a Certificate Of Appropriateness (COA)?

A COA is required for the following conditions:

  1. Any new construction or remodeling which requires a building permit.
  2. Any construction or alteration work that affects the exterior architectural appearance of a property. This includes, but is not limited to the following replacements or modifications: doors, exterior lighting fixtures, garages, gutters, handrails, masonry (walls, chimneys or foundations),paint removal, porches (and porch components),siding, stairs, windows and fences. If you are unsure please contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (630) 256-3080.
I live in a Historic Preservation District, and/or a Landmark Structure what types of work DO NOT require a Certificate Of Appropriateness (COA)?
A COA is NOT required for alterations which do not affect the exterior architectural appearance of a property. This includes, but is not limited to the following: minor maintenance and repair with no modifications, exterior paint colors, installation of landscaping and plant materials, and interior remodels. If you are unsure please contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (630) 256-3080.

Business/Developer Information

What are the most common deficiencies on development plan submittals?
  1. Incomplete data table
  2. Not in Engineering Scale
  3. Lack of Dimensions
  4. Improperly labeled or lack of setback lines shown on the plan
  5. When submitting multiple plans (i.e. a Final Plan and a Landscape Plan) the base drawing for the plans doesn't match.
What are the City’s current Development Fees?
Please see the Development Fee Schedule available above in the Development Services Team Procedures and Forms section.
My business is running a special promotion, do I need a permit to post temporary banners and signs?
Chapter 41 of the Aurora Municipal Code, Section 6 limits the types of special events that attention getting devices (banners, balloons, wind wavers, etc.) can be used for, to Grand Openings, community activities, holiday celebrations, carnivals, festivals, and parades. All other types of activities are prohibited from having temporary signs posted to advertise such events.
I have a business in the City, how big can my wall sign be?
Wall signs in business and manufacturing districts are limited to 10% of the building façade, up to twenty-two (22) feet high. This means that when calculating the square footage of the building façade (Width X Height), if the building is taller than 22 feet in height, anything over 22 feet in height does not count towards the calculation. Windows and doors do not need to be subtracted from the calculation, and the height calculation is measured from grade. There is no limit to the number of wall signs, as long as the total permitted square footage is not exceeded. Wall signs are permitted to be placed on any façade, and each façade’s permitted square footage is calculated independently of the others. Signs are not permitted to cross or cover windows and door frames, and may not be placed on the roof of structures, otherwise the placement of wall signs is not restricted.
I want to replace the existing ground sign for my business do I need to get a permit?

Yes, a permit is required for any changes to ground signs, and any proposals must be reviewed by both Zoning, for compliance with the City’s Sign Ordinance and by the Building Department, for compliance with all applicable building codes.

If the zoning of your property is PDD – Planned Development District, please submit a Land Use Inquiry to determine if the sign proposal constitutes a significant change to any approved Final Plan.

I want to add an Electronic Message Center to the existing sign for my business, is this allowed?

Yes, Electronic Message Centers (EMCs)are permitted components of ground signs. EMCs are limited to 30% of the permitted sign square footage and must be an integral part of the design for the sign. Any messages posted on an EMC must remain fixed in the display area for a minimum of 15 seconds.

If the zoning of your property is PDD – Planned Development District, please submit a Land Use Inquiry to determine if the sign proposal constitutes a significant change to any approved Final Plan.

I am looking to locate my business in the City of Aurora, what Zoning is my business allowed in?
To determine permitted zoning for certain uses, please see Table 1 – Use Categories if there are further questions please submit a Land Use Inquiry to have a Planning and Zoning Staff member respond with specific information regarding your use and proposed location.