Official website for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Mayor Robert J. O'Connor

Planning and Zoning Division

Mission Statement

To provide guidance and proper follow-through to the public and City representatives in the development and implementation of the City’s policies regarding land-use regulation and zoning enforcement, neighborhood stabilization, growth management, the promotion of redevelopment and the proper balance/distribution of land uses. To designate, preserve, enhance, and perpetuate those properties and improvements that reflect the historical, cultural, artistic, social, ethnic, or other heritage of the nation, state, or community, or that may be representative of an architectural or engineering type inherently valuable for the study of a style, period, craftsmanship, method of construction, or use of indigenous materials.

Major Functions

  1. Assist the City’s policy makers in their efforts to improve the quality of life for all of Aurora’s residents by monitoring the implementation of Aurora’s Comprehensive Land Use/Transportation Plan and physical development policies.
  2. Enforce the Zoning Ordinance, Sign Ordinance, Subdivision Control Ordinance, FoxWalk Overlay District Design Guidelines and Hotel Licensing Ordinance.
  3. Disseminate accurate and complete information in response to public inquiries in the form of land use referrals.
  4. Guide developers and the public through the initial development process.
  5. Review and process land-use petitions for development throughout the City.
  6. Review building permit applications for compliance with zoning regulations.
  7. Verify the conformance of implemented site plans with approved documents.
  8. Maintain and augment Aurora’s land-use regulations to reflect the evolutionary nature of the land uses being regulated and implement current policy directives established by the Planning Commission and City Council.
  9. Research and prepare specific plans and reports to provide clear and accurate information from which community trends can be identified and needs assessed.
  10. Provide the staffing to accomplish the following:
    • Administration of the school/park Land/Cash Ordinance.
    • Maintenance of the building permit database for population estimation and projection.
    • Recordation all plats of annexation, subdivision, right-of-way dedication and easements in a timely manner.
    • Updating and printing of City zoning and land-use publications annually.
    • Clerical and technical assistance to the Aurora Downtown Board, Aurora Neighborhood Council, Design Review Committee/FoxWalk Overlay District, Historic Preservation Commission, Historic Preservation Loan Committee, Historic Preservation Public Awareness Committee, Landmark Committee, Near-East Side Historic District Committee, Planning Commission, Planning Council, Public Awareness Committee, Riddle Highlands Historic District Committee, River Walk Committee, Tanner Historic District Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals.
  11. Coordinate planning and zoning with other City Departments and outside agencies including the Greater Aurora Chamber of Commerce and the Seize the Future Development Foundation.
  12. Encourage high-quality redevelopment within the FoxWalk District through technical and financial assistance programs and infrastructure improvements.
  13. Preserve, enhance and perpetuate designated historic properties.
    • Review Certificate of Appropriateness applications in accordance with City Council approved guidelines.
    • Provide technical assistance and recommendations to owners regarding style, materials, contractors, suppliers and methods.
    • Complete mandated federal reviews for properties utilizing federal funding through the City’s Community Development Block Grant Program.
    • Write, edit and produce quarterly notices for four local historic districts.
    • Respond to inquiries regarding designating properties as historic and assist with research.
    • Respond to neighborhood complaints regarding work being done with a Certificate of Appropriateness and property maintenance violations.
    • Update the historic property survey to meet Certified Local Government requirements.
  14. Stabilize and improve the economic vitality and value of designated properties and improvements in particular and of the City in general.
    • Continue to implement the Preservation Loan Program.
    • Continue to advertise and assist with the Tax Assessment Freeze Program for historic residential properties, the Tax Credit Program for commercial properties and the Easement Program for National Register properties.
  15. Preserve the existing housing stock.
    • Implement the guidelines for the designated historic properties.
    • Foster civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past.
    • Sponsor the Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in restoring historic buildings.
  16. Enhance the City’s attractiveness to visitors and thereby support and stimulate commerce and industry.
    • Maintain website and brochures featuring the City’s historic properties.
  17. Promote and encourage the continued private ownership and use of designated properties and improvements to the maximum extent.
    • Assist with marketing designated properties.