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Property Maintenance Code Facts

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On June 1, 1982, the Aurora City Council adopted the Aurora Property Maintenance Code. As part of this code, a dwelling unit licensing program was adopted. The information contained within this fact sheet is intended to provide important information with respect to the program. More specific information with regard to the program may be obtained by purchasing a copy of the Aurora Property Maintenance Code at the Property Standards Division. All interested parties are encouraged to do so.

Purpose of the program

The Property Maintenance Code was adopted to insure public health, safety and welfare insofar as they are affected by the maintenance of structures and premises. The Code establishes minimum standards for all structures and premises for basic equipment and facilities for light, ventilation space, heating and sanitation. Further, the Code provides safety from fire; for space, use and location; and for safe and sanitary maintenance of all structures and premises currently in existence. The Dwelling Unit Program was adopted so that nonowner-occupied units could be inspected on an annual basis to insure compliance with the above standards. The program was adopted after several years of discussion involving representatives from City Government as well as realtors, property owners, property managers, school districts, private citizens and neighborhood groups.

Scope of program

Nonowner-occupied units are inspected on an annual basis. Each year, exterior and interior inspections are performed. The purpose of the inspection is to insure that the maintenance of existing buildings and premises is in accordance with the provision of the Code.

Time and procedure of inspections

Each year, the Property Standards Division sends out renewal forms to all applicable owners or operators. You will receive a letter scheduling your inspection. If you cannot make the scheduled time, contact (630) 256-3770 as soon as possible in order to re-schedule and avoid the assessment of cancellation fees. Inspections are conducted during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.


Download a copy of the Rental Program Fees - approved 7/14/15 - by clicking here.

Rental property stair inspectionRe inspection Fees

There are hereby established reinspection fees associated with dwelling unit licensing authorized by said Code. The first reinspection performed after the expiration of the compliance time as set out in the violation notice shall be performed at a charge of $80. The second reinspection necessitated by the continued existence of violations shall be assessed on the basis of $150 per building to be inspected. No operating license shall be issued unless said fees are paid in full.

Cancellation and Absentee Fees

There are hereby-established unauthorized cancellation and absentee fees. When an owner or manager fails to keep a scheduled inspection or fails to cancel a scheduled appointment within 48 hours of the day and time of the appointment, a fee of $150 shall be assessed. The next subsequent unauthorized cancellation or absentee fee, within the same licensing period, shall be assessed at $250. All future unauthorized or absentee fees, within the same licensing period, shall be assessed at $500. Said fee shall be assessed per building or property, not for each individual dwelling unit. No operating license shall be issued unless said fees are paid in full.

Late Charge Fees

There are hereby-established late charge fees. When an owner fails to pay a dwelling unit operating license fee within thirty days after the due date, a late charge fee of $80 shall be assessed. Said fee shall increase to $160 if not paid within sixty days after the due date. Late charges shall be assessed for each building, except in cases of single unit and two unit buildings being on one zoning lot, in which case late fees shall be assessed per zoning lot. For condominium and townhome buildings, late charges shall be assessed for condominium or townhome units within the same building. No operating license shall be issued unless said fees are paid in full.

Transfer of ownership

The code provides that any time a sale is made of a licensed building; the new ownership must be reported to the Operations Department within three (3) working days. In order to keep the City’s licensing records current; it is requested that this information be provided as soon as possible. Cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated.


It is hoped that this fact sheet has provided some useful information with respect to the Aurora Dwelling Unit Licensing Program. This Division will provide prompt service with respect to the program. Should you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact this office at (630) 256-3770. You may also wish to visit Property Standards at One South Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505.