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The Awakenings Project

The Aurora Public Art Commission Presents Awakenings, an exhibit of work by artists who are survivors of mental illness. The exhibit, which features over 100 paintings, sculpture and photographs, is part of an ongoing series of shows curated by artist Irene O’Neill. Awakenings represents a coalition of over 20 artists who have exhibited widely throughout the state of Illinois, and beyond.

O’Neill states: “The mission of the Awakenings project is to assist persons with mental health issues in developing and enhancing their creative abilities through art in all its forms, and to raise public awareness of the creative talents and contributions of people living with psychiatric disorders. We hope that we and our contributors will benefit in our recovery from this activity, and our viewers will better understand the creative capacity and overall potential of persons living with mental ill health.”

Location: Aurora Public Art Commission Gallery, 20 E. Downer Place, 3rd Floor

Contact: Rena J. Church, Director/Curator, (630) 906-0654,

03/31/06 - 05/28/06