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Rain Barrel Program

The City of Aurora, in cooperation with the Conservation Foundation, has launched its 2014 Rain Barrel Program.

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Water is one of our most important resources; protecting it, conserving it and thinking of future generations is essential.

The City of Aurora is helping by implementing a Rain Barrel Program to provide low cost rain barrels to City of Aurora residents. The program encourages participation in a pollution reduction strategy, by bringing awareness to water resource protection and water conservation.

Here is how it works: A Rain Barrel collects water from roof downspouts and stores it for later use.

How to Order

Rain barrels are available in four colors: black, gray, blue or terra cotta. And at just $60 plus tax – about 40 percent less than online retail prices – rain barrels are a great deal for you and the environment. For more information or to place an order for pick up or home delivery, call The Conservation Foundation at 630-428-4500, ext. 132.

Learn More

Stop by the Stover Visitors Center at Phillips Park, 1000 Ray Moses Drive, to see the working rain barrel display and get more information. 

For more information call the City of Aurora, Public Works Division, Engineering at (630) 256-3200.