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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Advisory Commission on Disabilities
  3. African American Heritage Advisory Board
  4. Aurora Airport Advisory Board
  5. Aurora Civic Center Authority Board
  6. Aurora LGBTQ Advisory Board
  7. Aurora Neighborhood Council
  8. Aurora Planning and Zoning Commission
  9. Aurora Planning Commission (Merged with Zoning Commission)
  10. Aurora Preservation Commission
  11. Aurora Public Art Commission
  12. Aurora Riverwalk Commission
  13. Aurora Veterans Advisory Council
  14. Aurora Youth Council
  15. Bicycle, Pedestrian & Transit Advisory Board
  16. Block Grant Working Committee
  17. Building Code Board of Appeals
  18. Civil Service Commission
  19. Civilian Review Board
  20. Complete Count Committee
  21. Downtown Board of Directors
  22. Downtown Executive Committee
  23. Education Commission
  24. Electrical Commission
  1. Fire Code Board of Appeals
  2. Firefighters’ Pension Fund
  3. Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board
  4. Fox Walk Overlay Review Committee
  5. Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Commission
  6. Hispanic Heritage Advisory Board
  7. Historic Preservation Grant Committee
  8. Historic Preservation Near Eastside Committee
  9. Historic Preservation Public Awareness Committee
  10. Historic Preservation Riddle Highlands Committee
  11. Historic Preservation Tanner/Palace Committee
  12. Human Relations Commission
  13. Illinois Terrorism Task Force Committee
  14. Indian American Community Outreach Advisory Board
  15. Innovation and Technology Advisory Commission
  16. Joint Review Board
  17. Mayor's Sustainable Aurora Advisory Board
  18. Music, Events, and Entertainment Commission
  19. Planning Council (Dissolved 2021)
  20. Police Pension Board
  21. Retiree Health Insurance Trust Fund Board
  22. Riverwalk Advisory Subcommittee
  23. Tree Board
  24. Zoning Board of Appeals