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Recycling violation

Residents continue to enjoy unlimited recycling. Each household receives either a 35 or 65 gallon cart that has wheels and an attached lid. Additional recycalbles may be placed by the curb in containers that do not exceed 25 gallons of capacity (recycling does not require a sticker).

Preparation of material

Recyclable materials may be placed into the recycling cart, or additional containers not exceeding 25 gallons of capacity. Materials should be rinsed free of food and caps and lids removed. Flatten all corrugated cardboard boxes, paperboard, wet strength carrier stock and remove any non paper packing material.

Recyclable Paper Items

  • Newspaper and all newspaper inserts
  • Glossy and non-glossy magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Telephone directories
  • Brown Kraft paper bags
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Paperboard (chipboard)
  • Cereal boxes
  • Wet strength carrier stock such as beer and soda boxes
  • Frozen food boxes
  • Junk mail
  • Mixed paper

Non-Paper Items

  • Plastic bottles and containers numbered #1 - #5 and #7
  • Aluminum/bi-metal cans
  • Aluminum foil
  • Steel or tin cans
  • Aerosol cans
  • Aluminum baking trays/pie plates
  • Brown, green, and clear glass bottles and jars
  • Gable top milk cartons
  • Juice cartons and boxes

Unacceptable Items

  • Mirrors
  • Window glass
  • #6 Polystyrene blocks
  • Packing peanuts
  • Plastic bags
  • Rigid #6 plastics

Electronics Recycling

Electronics are prohibited curbside

Electronics can contain hazardous or rare materials and are the largest growing segment of the waste stream. Because of this, Illinois state law prohibits residents from disposing of computers, monitors, printers and other electronics in landfills. In addition, the City’s curbside waste hauler will not take any prohibited item on your trash day.

About electronics collection events

The City of Aurora regularly contracts with electronics recycling companies to offer drop-off sites where residents can dispose of electronics such as computer components and televisions for recycling. However, the cost to recycle these items has increased significantly in recent years and state law requires the cost of electronics recycling to be borne by the original equipment manufacturers, such as Microsoft or Samsung, prohibiting electronics recyclers from passing on the cost of their services to municipalities. While these restrictions have caused many municipalities to end or temporarily suspend their collections programs, the City of Aurora is still researching options to be able to continue to provide this service to residents. Dates for 2016 collections will be announced once negotiations between the State of Illinois, OEMs, and Vintage Tech are finalized.

Collection dates and locations

When collection days are announced, those collections are held at the Central Garage, 720 N. Broadway Avenue, and the Customer Service Center, 3770 McCoy Drive. Collection dates, typically Saturdays, are announced via the City’s community calendar, on the City’s Facebook page, and by e-blast. Residents can also call 630-256-INFO to check for upcoming recycling events.

Electronics collection events are limited to City of Aurora residents only, and are reserved for electronics used in residences. No items from businesses will be accepted. Residents will be asked for identification with proof of their Aurora address.

Accepted Items

The following items can be recycled:

  • Televisions and monitors (Note: Older, cathode ray tube TVs and monitors are limited to one – regardless of whether it is a monitor or television set -- per vehicle, per event. There is no limit on the number of flat-panel TVs or monitors.)
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Peripherals (printers, keyboards, etc.)
  • Servers and networking equipment
  • Camcorders
  • PDAs
  • Cell Phones
  • Cameras and Camcorders
  • MP3 Players
  • Stereos
  • VCRs and DVD players
  • Gaming consoles
  • Phones and answering machines

This list may not be complete. For questions about whether or not a particular electronic item can be recycled, please call the City’s electronics waste contractors, Vintage Tech Recycling, at 630-305-0922, or visit

Front Door Collection

Vintage Tech also offers personalized collection service at your door for a fee. To request this service, call Vintage Tech at 630-305-0922.

Other Resources

Residents may also take advantage of additional county-sponsored events and services.

In Kane County, collections are typically held once a month at 540 S Randall Road, St. Charles. For more information and upcoming dates, go to

DuPage County maintains a list of resources for residents disposing of electronic items here:

Will County has partnered with Vintage Tech Recyclers to offer front-door collection services for $25. For more information on accepted items and how to schedule a collection, visit the Will County Green website:

Finally, many electronics stores offer recycling either for free (typically with the purchase of a new item) or for a fee. Visit for information on items accepted at their Aurora location and associated fees.


Medications can be dropped off on a regular basis at:
Fox Metro Water Reclamation District
682 Route 31
Oswego, IL 60543
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

However, at this location no controlled substances are allowed.

Hazardous Materials

The facility is located at 156 Fort Hill Drive, just north of the Department of Public Works building at Fort Hill Drive and Jefferson Avenue. It will operate on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Materials may not be dropped off outside these posted hours.

Naperville operates one of only four permanent drop-off locations for household hazardous waste in the state in cooperation with the City of Aurora and Will, DuPage and Kane counties. Since 1992, the program has operated out of Fire Station No. 4 on the City’s north side. During Fiscal Year 2014, the City collected 266 tons of household hazardous materials, including oil, anti-freeze, cleaning products, flammables, fertilizers, paints, prescription medications, herbicides and more.

There is no cost for drop-off. Items included are listed below.


In general, any fluids, fuel, cleaner additive or maintenance product used with motor vehicles with the exception of lead-acid “Automotive” batteries are accepted. This includes but may not be limited to: Antifreeze, Battery Acid, Car Wax, Auto Body Filler/Paints, Engine Degreaser, Gasoline, Cleaner, Carburetor, Motor/Transmission Oil, Power Steering, Lubricating Oil, Fluid/Solvents - Any Aerosol Products used in or on motor vehicles.

Home Repair/Building/Woodworking/Hobby Supplies

In general any household wastes associated with home repair projects are accepted. This includes but may not be limited to: Asphalt Roofing Tar, Chemistry Sets, Concrete Cleaner, Chalk Powder, Carpenters Glue, Asbestos (wetted and sealed in a plastic bag), Driveway Sealer, Drywall Compound, Fluorescent Bulbs/ Ballast’s Grout, Lead Paint Chips, Driveway Crack Filler, Glue and Cements, Mercury Switches, Solutions, Thermostats, Paint Stripper (Methylene/Chloride), Lime, Wood Preservatives.

Painting and Decorating Supplies

In general, any material or waste associated with painting for decorating the household including, buy may not be limited to: Acetone, All Oil Based/Stains, All Spray Paints, Brush Cleaners, Mineral Spirits/Turpentine, Creosote, Paint Thinner, Wallpaper Paste/Size Liquid, Drywall Sealer.

Kitchen, Laundry, Household Cleaning

Any product used in the home to clean, cook, remove, unclog, disinfect or freshen the household. These items include but are not limited to: Aluminum Cleaner, Bleach, Brasso, Cesspool Cleaner, Pine Oil, Mothballs, Lye, Lime Away, Furniture Polish, Dry Cleaning Solvents, Oven Cleaners, Rug Cleaners, Rust Remover, Septic Tank Degreasers, Spot Removers/Fabric Softener.

Medicines and Cosmetics

Items used in make-up or health care. These include but are not limited to: Cuticle Remover, Hair Perm Solutions, Medications, Perfume, Cologne and After Shave, Rubbing Alcohol, Nail Polish and Remover, Shampoo for Lice, Shoe Dye, Thermometer and Thermostats w/Mercury, Any Polishes.

Pesticides and Herbicides

Any pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, fertilizers or product used to control insects, weeds or other unwanted pests. There are hundreds of product names for these materials and we accept them all. These items include, but are not limited to: Pentachorophynol, Diazanon, Fertilizers/Pesticides, Flee Powder, Insect Sprays, Rat Poison, Lindain, Malathion/Poisons, Silvex; 2,4,D; 45,T, Vegetation Killer, Weed Killer, Soil Fumigants.

Pool Chemicals, Whirlpool Chemicals/Cleaners, Water Treatment Products

Materials used to chlorinate water in pools water systems or pH control products are accepted. These items include but are not limited to: Ammonium Hydroxide, Bromine Pool Acid, Calcium Hypochlorite, HTH, Muriatric Acid, Pool Chlorine, Potassium Permanganate, Sodium Hypochlorite.


We can accept all household batteries with the exception of motor vehicle batteries. These include: Alkaline, Button Batteries, Hearing Aid Batteries, Lantern Batteries, Lithium Batteries, NI Cads, Watch Batteries, Wet Cell.

Totally Unacceptable Items

  • Latex Paint
  • Ammunition and all explosives/fireworks - check with your local police department.
  • Car Batteries
  • Commercial/Industrial/Institutional waste
  • Garbage - Non-household hazardous waste
  • Radioactive materials
  • Propane Tank Cylinders - use up or take to local propane gas dealer/company.
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