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Snow Plowing

How many snow routes are there?
There are a total of 35 (thirty five) snow routes, evenly distributing equipment and manpower throughout the City of Aurora. Several City departments and private contractors each have assigned snow routes. There are 18 routes in the Street Department, 7 routes in the Water & Sewer Maintenance Department, 3 routes in the Parks Department and 7 routes by private contractors. Additionally, during periods of heavy snow accumulations, the city utilizes private contractors to assist in snow plowing residential areas.
When do City crews begin snow operations?
The City of Aurora begins snow operations at the onset of any icing of roadways or accumulated snow. During the winter season, we staff three shifts on weekdays, to better respond to any incidents of snow or ice. The City's goal is to attempt to clear all streets within 12 hours after the snow stops falling during a snow accumulation of 3" or less. Heavier snows may take longer to clear.
Which streets are plowed first?
There are approximately 1,360 lane miles of roadway in the City. Of these, about 700 lane miles of roadway are designated as primary streets which have the highest volume of traffic and are designated as arterial or collector streets. The remaining 660 lane miles of roadway are designated as residential streets. Primary streets are plowed and/or salted first and during periods of heavy snow fall may be the only streets serviced until it completely stops snowing. Once its stops snowing, we move into the residential portion of the snow route.
Who clears sidewalks and driveways?
Both are the responsibility of residents and property owners. The City appeals to citizens to keep this critical part of Aurora's transportation system moving by clearing sidewalks, especially for children walking to and from school. State law protects property owners from any added liability if they shovel their sidewalks. Residents should shovel snow into the yard, not into the street. Shoveling snow onto the street is against City ordinance because it causes dangerously slippery conditions for both motorists and pedestrians. City crews try to avoid putting large piles of snow in front of driveways, however, this is not always possible. To avoid having to double shovel, you may want to wait until after your street has been plowed to the curb before you clear your driveway.
What about plowing cul-de-sacs?
Cul-de-sacs are the most time-consuming streets to plow. It can take up to eight times longer to plow a cul-de-sac than it takes to plow a through street of the same size. Cul-de-sacs are also more difficult to clear and generate the most complaints because of the limited space to dump snow without burying driveways, mailboxes, and fire hydrants.
Are there parking restrictions during periods of snowfall?
Motorists are encouraged to move their vehicles off-street to facilitate plowing efforts during any snow storm. For snow accumulations of 2" or more, residents are prohibited from parking on any City street until the snow has been cleared to the curb or road edge. Per City Ordinance 27-171, Violators will be ticketed and towed.
How do I learn the status of snow plowing efforts?
For the latest information on the status of snow plowing efforts, call the Street Maintenance Division at (630) 256-3680.
Obstructions of public right of ways
City Ordinance 42-6 requires the removal of any obstruction from any city street, such as garbage cans or basketball hoops. Not only does this impede snow removal but can cause damage to city plow trucks. Additionally, City Ordinance 42-22 requires all mail boxes to be installed according to United States Postal Service Standards (see PS Form 4056).

Safety Tips

The City of Aurora Snow Command would like to remind everyone of some tips to aid in snow removal from city streets.

  • Do not allow children to play in or around snow piles or to make snow forts in the public right of way (the area between the sidewalk and street and cul de sac islands).
  • When cleaning driveway approaches and sidewalks do not put snow in the street.
  • Stay back at least 75 feet from the rear of any plow truck and do not pass snow plow trucks at any time. During snow operations, plow trucks are considered Emergency Vehicles and should be treated as such.
  • Please help us help you get to where you are going safely.


  • When it snows, don’t park vehicles on streets until plowing operations are completed. It is illegal after two (2) inches or more of snow fall. (City Ordinance 27-171)
  • Remove all obstructions from streets such as basketball hoops, trash cans or any other items that would prevent snow cleanup. (City Ordinance 42-6)
  • Make sure that your mailbox meets USPS standards of installation. (City Ordinance 42-22. See also PS Form 4056)
  • When cleaning driveway approaches and sidewalks do not put snow in the street. (City Ordinance 42-11)