Official website for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Mayor Robert J. O'Connor

Water and Sewer Maintenance

Mission Statement

To supply a quality service to the citizens of Aurora by maintaining Aurora’s underground utility system, properly restoring the surface after excavation, conducting a quality preventive maintenance program, and fostering a cooperative atmosphere with other City departments and external agencies.

The Water and Sewer Maintenance Division is a division of the Department of Public Works and is responsible for the maintenance of Aurora’s distribution (water main) system and its collector (sanitary and storm) sewer system.

J.U.L.I.E. And Locating Functions

Damages to Aurora’s utility system caused by excavation can create serious disruption of the services that Aurora supplies to its citizens. In order to minimize these disruptions, Aurora became a member of J.U.L.I.E. (Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators) in July of 1991.

It is vital that anyone digging within the City limits call for a J.U.L.I.E locate before work is started. J.U.L.I.E. can be reached by calling (800) 892-0123.

Preventative Maintenance

In order to promote the longevity of Aurora’s existing infrastructure (utility) system, four very vital areas are maintained; systematic cleaning of sewers (storm and sanitary), manhole rehabilitation, fire hydrant inspection and water main valve exercising.

Sewer Maintenance

The collection system is unique in the fact that Aurora does not have its own treatment plant. All of the sanitary flow goes to the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District that deals with sanitary flow for Aurora and the surrounding towns of Montgomery, Oswego, North Aurora and other unincorporated areas.

The City of Aurora maintains a dual sewer system. The first is a combination system, which is where the rainwater run-off enters catch basins in the older portion of Aurora and then enters into the sanitary sewers. In this system Aurora maintains all size sewers. The second is a separate system whereby the rain water run-off enters the catch basins and goes into its own separate storm sewer system via detention pond systems, creeks and eventually to the Fox River. Within this system, Aurora maintains all sanitary sewers up to 14 inches in diameter, and the Fox Metro Water Reclamation District maintains its interceptor lines 15 inches and larger.

This division also maintains and replaces catch basins, manholes and lift stations and excavates any infrastructure failures.

Support Services

Support services include the radio-telephone dispatcher and administrative secretary. This division is responsible for all materials utilized within the department, ranging from ordering, stocking, and delivery of supplies and locating Aurora’s utility system generated from J.U.L.I.E. requests.

Water Maintenance

The day to day maintenance of the water system includes excavating and repair of fire hydrants, valves, water service leaks water main breaks and any other concerns related to Aurora’s distribution system.

Water Meter Maintenance

The Water Meter Maintenance Division’s function is to install and maintain Aurora’s water meters and electronic reading devices in the City’s water system. This includes meter rentals for contractors, responding to no-water calls, low pressure calls, and handling incidents where private parties attempt to use City water without a meter.