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2016 Water Main Flushing Program

As of September 7, 2016 the water main flushing program has been completed.

The City of Aurora Water Production Division and our consultant CMT Inc. will be conducting a Water Main Flushing Program from May through September, 2016.


Watermain full map

The general flushing program area is East of the Fox River and West of Illinois Rt. 59:

  • North of the BN/Metra RR Tracks
  • North of New York St.
  • North of US Rt. 34 and 75th St.

Informational flyers have been mailed to addresses within and near the area that may be affected by the flushing program.


Watermain flushing sign

Signs will be placed along streets a few days before flushing occurs in specific areas.


Flushing will occur Monday through Saturday and may take place between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Recorded message UPDATES may be heard daily at (630) 256-3270.
Your water service should not be disrupted during the flushing process. Customers may experience fluctuating pressure and some discoloration of their water.

Approximate Schedule

Look for signs and crews in your area around these dates:

Sub-area From To Map
5A 5/2 5/25 Watermain area 5
5B 5/16 6/2
5C 5/23 6/14
5D 5/27 6/23
5E 5/31 7/8
5F 6/8 7/15
5G 6/14 7/28

Sub-area From To Map
6A 6/20 8/8 watermain area 6
6B 6/29 8/11
6C 7/12 8/12
6D 7/18 8/15
6E 7/25 8/17
6F 7/28 8/23
6G 8/2 8/26

Check back for UPDATES on the schedule, dates may change.


The purpose of the flushing program is to provide better water quality to our customers.

Flushing water mains removes sediment that may have accumulated in the water main pipes. The City of Aurora has used computer modeling of the water system to develop a program that combines unidirectional and conventional flushing methods.

Unidirectional water main flushing uses a systematic method of closing water main valves and opening hydrants to direct water through targeted segments of pipe at a high water flow velocity. This method uses less water and is more effective at removing sediments than conventional flushing procedures, but can take more time and be more costly.

Conventional water main flushing uses a sequential method of opening each hydrant along a section of water main without closing water main valves. This method can be completed more quickly than unidirectional flushing but may use more water and is less effective on larger size pipes.

The water main flushing program accomplishes different goals than the yearly fire hydrant flow testing performed by the Aurora Fire Department.

The following should help minimize problems:

  • Watch for signs placed a few days before flushing occurs in your area.

  • If water discoloration is noticed, stop all water use and wait, several hours may be required to rid the cloudiness from the water mains that serve your home or business.

  • Turn on outside spigots, cold water bathtub faucets, flush toilets, and run a cycle through the washing machine to clear the water in your service line.

  • Be certain discolored water is out of your water service line before using large amounts of water or doing laundry.

  • Do not wash clothes or run a dishwasher during or immediately after flushing takes place. Washing clothes with discolored water can cause laundry stains.

  • If laundry does become stained, do not dry it; request a free bottle of liquid polymer laundry aide (poly) from the City of Aurora Water Production Division at (630) 256-3250 which may remove the stains.

  • Discolored water poses no threat to your health. You may wish to avoid drinking or cooking with the water.

Further Questions:

If you have further questions about the flushing program please contact the City of Aurora – Water Production Division at: (630) 256-3250.

The City of Aurora – Water Production Division appreciates your patience as we work to improve the quality of drinking water provided to our valued customers.